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Best Time of the Year to go Bonefishing in the Bahamas

Bahamas Bonefishing Season

The best time to go fly fishing for bonefish in the Bahamas in October –  early June.

A Year in The Life of A Bahamas Bonefish

Bonefish don’t live in ugly places. They love living under a blanket of diamonds in the morning as the SUN rises in crystal clear shallow waters and lavish in the shore break as the SUN sets. That sounds so romantic, but sometimes the climate just doesn’t care. “Mama, the Bonefish be like, its too hot in July and August. We be back in October and we’ll hail ya when we reach.”
In Da Bahamas, the primo primo fishing season starts in October and can go as late as June. Andros likes to end their season with homecomings on all parts of the island, and can get P R E T T Y crazy. All to be topped off with Bonefish season ending Crabfest. Crabfest celebrates these semi prehistoric huge land crabs that “Go walking” when the rainy season starts. The rain comes, drives the ladies to the sea from da jungle to lay their eggs, and then back to the jungle. Did I mention “da rainy season”? Bonefish don’t like dat kind of weather and they can feel barometric changes before the barometer does. FOR REAL. Don’t despair. They be like “We will wait for you to slurp up a gotcha and make you smile.”

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